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Sa., 25. Feb.



Gender Bender does Exhibition(ism)

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Gender Bender does Exhibition(ism)
Gender Bender does Exhibition(ism)

Zeit & Ort

25. Feb. 2023, 21:00

Innsbruck, Rennweg 4, 6020 Innsbruck, Österreich

Über die Veranstaltung

Gender Bender, “doing Exhibition(ism)”, will be a side event to our series of queer club events that premiered last year at PMK in Innsbruck. While you can be sure to meet the same kind of friendly party mob that will conquer the night with you, we will move the turmoil to a shiny new location this time. Right there, between the imperial Hofburg and the Landestheater, since a few years time the cubical “Reich für die Insel” presents itself as an off-space dedicated to contemporary art forms. Its fully transparent facade connects the unconventional happenings in its insides right to the heart of Innsbruck. This time, the art exhibit will be the ecstatically twitching limbs of our collective body in the light of the strobe. And the bass tunes of our massive sound system will be the city’s heartbeat for a while. At Reich für die Insel we are thrilled to welcome two icons of queer party culture:

With a selection at once ruthless and playful, ferrari rot frequently turns dance floors into race tracks. Few artists match the versatility at play in ferrari rot’s musical output. The Dimenzione Danza co-founder follows a strict equal opportunity approach when employing the different genres of dance music to her DJ sets: From hypnotic grooves to hard-hitting beats, ferrari rot’s commitment lies in connecting the dots distinctively, making for a sonic experience that is bound to get your engine running – so let’s ride.

ferrari rot will be joined by the dazzling Yvonne Nightstand, “Germany’s premiere childless milf”, our first performance act at a GB event. Further, with this special event, we are aiming to involve Innsbruck’s vivid local scene and showcase artists from the Gender Bender crew and beyond: Jojo Vice, Amtreintschaseee, Barbara B b2b Emma Helena, MhhJaJa, and CDJ Tigersnake & keeep6 for the closing.

_DRESSCODE We know that you like to dress up for our events and we LOVE it, so this time we just give you this to think about:

“Many things in the world have not been named, and many things, even if they have been named, have never been described. One of these is the sensibility [...] that goes by the cult name of ‚Camp‘.” -- Susan Sontag

It defies mainstream aesthetics but is a fundamental part of queer culture. Therefore Camp has always been a niche, defined by the gays, the theys and the girls. Its essence is theatrical, passionate and playful. Come and show us your most outrageous interpretation of Camp at our party in the cube.

_AWARENESS Our main focus lies on the liberating aspect of electronic dance music: it is the liberation of bodies from the prevailing social conditions, which are often perceived as oppressive. In the context of our club night, it should be allowed to break with the usual norms and create a space for the exploration of one's own potentials and desires. Conversely, this space should be as free as possible from forms of discrimination that suppress precisely those potentials. We would like to remind you of the 3 pillars that we aim to uphold:

Consent: Consent is an agreement between participants to engage in an activity, not only sexual. Consent is always about communication and follows the F-R-I-E-S principle: it is freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic and specific. Consenting to one activity does not automatically imply that consent is given for any follow-up activity. As a general rule, it is better to ask too much than too little, while always keeping in mind that NO means NO.

Condemnation and prevention of —as well as appropriate reaction to— discrimination and violence: We wholly reject as a matter of principle all forms of discrimination and violence. Moreover, we take measures to prevent our guests from experiencing the above-mentioned injustices. Our awareness team is prepared to intervene in cases of transgressive behavior as well as support the affected person. Please approach the Awareness Team at any time, be it for yourself or others.

Believing those who speak out [Definitionsmacht] and partiality. While supporting affected persons, the concepts of power of definition [Definitionsmacht] and partiality apply: In this case, power of definition means believing those who speak out and attending to the needs of affected individuals first, without denying them their version of events. This also means that they are not pressured into describing an incident or naming guilty parties. The intention is to return self-determination to affected individuals and strengthen their own ability to act. If those affected express a concrete wish as to how to proceed further, this will be dealt with seriously in regards to partiality. The perspective of the affected individual will be actively represented, which can ultimately lead to exclusion of the person who carried out the transgressive behavior from the event.

Please note: We reserve the right to reject people from entry at the door if we do not trust them to treat our community with respect. Moreover, we consider a strict rejection of all forms of discrimination as a matter of course. An Awareness Team will be there to support you in case of need. _________________________________ GENDER BENDER.does Exhibition(ism) 25/02/23 | Reich für die Insel | doors 9pm | 15€

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